Pallet racking

Conventional pallet racking

pallet-rackingWide-aisle adjustable racking is cost-effective, versatile and easily installed. Adjustable beams allow direct access to individual pallets, including ground level, for all types of fork lifts.

Narrow-aisle racking increases storage capacity without loss of versatility. Provides maximum utilisation of the available floor area by permitting more runs of racking in the same space. Using designated narrow aisle fork lift trucks.


Double-deep racking allows pallets to be stored 2-deep with access from the same aisle. This configuration saves space by reducing the number of aisles needed.  There is a trade-off with reduced access to the rear pallet but one easily compensated for with efficient stock management. Fork lifts need to be fitted with a double-deep attachment.

Drive-in racking

drive-in-rackingGenerally used for storing large numbers of identical pallets — this is the most space-efficient racking available without the need for specialist handling equipment. High storage density (typically 60-80% increased capacity versus conventional racking can be achieved)

‘Storage lanes’ are created by storing pallets on load rails. Fork lifts enter these lanes to load/ unload pallets from top to bottom. Access can be ‘drive-in’ from one end or ‘drive-through’ from both ends for improved stock rotation.

Push-back racking

push-back-rackingOne of the most space and time efficient pallet storage options. This dynamic ‘first-in, last-out’ retrieval system stores pallets up to 5 deep on trolleys/ carts. On loading a new pallet, existing ones are pushed back up an inclined channel rail. On retrieval, remaining pallets simply roll into position at the picking face. Specialist handling equipment is generally not needed.

Dynamic push-back racking is well-suited to marshaling areas, bulk storage and cold/ chill store applications.

Mobile pallet racking

push-back-rackingThis high-density system is mounted on a mobile chassis, and at the push of a button, glide along floor tracks to open up an access aisle to the required pallet row.

Space is saved by only requiring room for one aisle to access all pallets. No specialist handling equipment is required and standard pallet racking systems can be converted to mobile to save space.

Suitable for all applications, especially temperature-controlled storage.

Cantilever racking

cantilever-rackingIdeal for storing irregular shapes (loose or wrapped) and long, heavy items such as pipes, timber, furniture and steel tubes/ beams/ sheet etc.

The system comprises uprights braced at the spine with fixed welded or adjustable arms, both of which can be manufactured to a variety of lengths.

Cantilever racking can be galvanised for outdoor applications.


Rack damage inspections

The responsibility for the safety and general condition of Pallet Racking installations rests with the user. It is recommended by HSE and SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturers’ Association) that regular inspections be carried out to check for any damage to various components. If you are unsure of what to look for or would prefer an independent assessment of the condition, then DMA offer a Rack Inspection Service that will check that the installation complies with SEMA and HSE guidelines. A full report will be submitted highlighting any items that need attention to become fully compliant. Items covered by the inspection are…

  • Uprights are square and undamaged
  • Brace and beam integrity
  • Correct display of rack signage
  • Floor fixings and foot plates are secure
  • Beam safety locks correctly installed

40 years of experience in racking installation and inspection gives our inspectors the in-depth understanding of health & safety requirements to deliver a thorough inspection.

Repair and alterations

Following a rack inspection which may have revealed some damage which requires attention, DMA can obtain the necessary components and arrange to rectify the damaged components to ensure your installation becomes fully compliant.

DMA can also survey your existing installation to determine if additional storage capacity can be realised by reconfiguring the racking to obtain more pallet storage positions

Pallet racking accessories

From fork spacers to safety barriers… DMA supply the full range of accessories to improve the performance of your pallet racking.