Pallet Racking Relocation, Surrey

Recently, Cablenet Trackmaster engaged DMA Storage to dismantle and re-locate their pallet racking and shelving at three of their warehouses in Hungerford, Berkshire to their new warehouse in Frimley, Surrey.

The works were meticulously planned in phases, to allow the stock to be moved and re-located at the same time as the racking so as to enable Cablenet’s operations to continue with minimum disruption.

Phase 1 involved dismantling approximately 133 no. 6m frames, 700 no. beams and 60 no. bays of shelving, and banding the materials together ready for transportation. The materials were then re-installed at a temporary warehouse in Frimley, Surrey whilst the refurbishment of Cablenet’s new premises was being undertaken.

As soon as Phase 1 was completed, Phase 2 kicked into action and this phase involved the removal of the remainder of the racking (80 no. frames and 500 no. beams) along with some cantilever racking. These materials were put into temporary storage.

Once the new building was completed, DMA installed the surplus equipment in the new unit to allow Cablenet some space to move stock into, and this, in turn, freed up the remaining racks to be dismantled and then re-installed at the new premises. Throughout the whole process, DMA worked closely with Cablenet to ensure that their operations continued unimpeded.

DMA storage was of great help in the organisation and the implementation of the Cablelines project. I would recommend DMA to anyone who has any warehouse operation/storage issues, that need improvements.

Darren Streeter

Cablenet, Frimley, Surrey

Cablenet Trackmaster is an importer and distributor of networking, cabling and power products.