Office Interiors

Office interiors from a dedicated team professionals for smooth and efficient office fit-out projects.

Office Fit Outs

Our professional team provides the complete service – design, supply, and installation of office fit-outs for pure office environments and offices within industrial buildings such as warehouses, factories, and large campuses. There is more to successful fit-out than partition walls, floors, and suspended ceilings. With DMA, our design-to installation expertise means all aspects of your project are of the highest standards and available in a single integrated package of works.

At DMA we provide the total package, whether you need a total refurbishment package or help with creating new accommodation.

Office Partitioning

Our comprehensive range of quality partitioning can be designed and space planned to suit a wide variety of requirements including open plan work areas, directors’ suites, interview rooms, board rooms, meeting rooms, kitchenettes and reception areas.

Most systems are fully demountable and offer the flexibility to meet changing business needs.

Finishes can be chosen from our range of top quality vinyl wall coverings and range of high spec door handles and locks. Doors can be finished in a variety of wood veneers to complement the furniture.

Office Partitioning

Types Of Office Partitioning

These are formed using a metal framework covered with a smooth plasterboard finish to both sides of the wall. These can be decorated with emulsion or vinyl coatings from our extensive range. This system can be fire rated and be sound insulated.

This range is formed using modular panels trimmed with an aluminium or powder coated finish. These are generally re locatable if office layouts need to change. Wall surfaces can be finished in vinyl wall coverings or emulsion.

Eye catching designs can be achieved with elegant flush full height glazed units. These can be formed from single glazing or double glazed and fitted with integral Venetian blinds to provide a higher level of sound performance and privacy.

Folding and sliding walls can divide areas into smaller units but provide the facility to open them up for larger meetings. Acoustic types are available to allow meetings to be held simultaneously in each of the divided areas.

This gives the appearance of a continuous glass wall and can be combined with space saving sliding doors and bespoke manifestation.

These are films used on glazed partitioning systems and doors to comply with Building Regulations. Corporate images or a generic pattern can be used to create a unique office environment.

Office Ceilings and Flooring

Ceiling & Flooring

From suspended ceilings to featured ceilings, DMA can supply and fit a full range of tiles and grid frameworks, ceiling tiles, grids and accessories, including lighting. In boardrooms, receptions and meeting rooms, featured ceilings are a popular choice for businesses looking to make an impression on visitors.

At DMA we supply and fit all types of floor coverings, from carpet to ceramic tiles, vinyl to anti-static. Our expert team will ensure you make the right choice from the huge range of commercial-grade flooring available on the market.

Office Fit Out Services

DMA has extensive experience of providing complete office fit outs, from space planning, design, project management to turnkey projects and including:

Office Interiors FAQs

DMA can provide all the services associated with an office fit out project: office partitioning, air conditioning, air change systems, electrical works including lighting, power points, data cabling, floor surfaces, and alterations to the smoke detection system. DMA also install tea points or kitchenettes, WC’s and cloakrooms. To ensure that the programme of works run smoothly, DMA will also project manages the works from start to finish.

Yes. Most new builds and alterations are subject to Building Regulations approval. DMA is conversant with the current regulations and can handle the application on your behalf until the Final Completion Notice is issued.

Almost certainly, as this will be in the terms of the lease. It is rare for landlords not to grant approval and there may be a cost for them to prepare a variation attachment to the lease. DMA often engages with landlords by supplying drawings and specifications of the alterations on your behalf.

Most of the modular office partitioning systems can be removed on termination of the lease, if requested by the landlord. There are likely to be holes from fixings into ceilings and walls, and these can be repaired, and areas repainted. Landlords may also require flooring to be renewed due to wear and tear and fading in exposed areas. DMA has extensive experience in handling dilapidations.

Yes, you can. This requires that the mezzanine floor itself be fire rated to 60 minutes protection, to allow for the safe evacuation of people working in the offices on the floor. The fire rating comprises encasing the columns supporting the floor and attaching a suspended ceiling beneath the floor which has the effect of enclosing all the exposed steelwork.

There are ways to reduce the sound interference between rooms that share a party wall, although internal partition walls built from plasterboard cannot be entirely soundproof. Insulation material can be inserted in the walls, they can be faced with a plasterboard system known as soundbloc which is quite effective. If the dividing walls do not extend up to the floor or roof above, then additional insulation material above the ceiling will help to reduce sound travelling to the adjacent room.

This depends on the scope of work and any operational constraints the client may have. DMA will work with you to plan the program of works and interfacing with staff working in the area. If needed, DMA can work in the evenings, nights or weekends to fit around your operations. In working closely with the client, DMA will bring their experience to bear by coordinating all the works to minimise any disruption.

Yes, DMA has worked with many clients to design an office layout that optimises the use of space. DMA also supplies and fits a comprehensive range of furniture to suit all budgets, including the latest trend in stand and sit desking. DMA also supplies a full range of storage and locker equipment in co-ordinated ranges.

Office walls can be constructed as fully glazed, composite panelling, steel studs with plasterboard and steel partitions. In brief, the relative merits of each type of material are …

Fully Glazed – Pros: Allows lots of light and vision to other areas; can have glass doors to match; no painting is required throughout its life; can be double glazed and have venetian blinds fitted between the glass to allow privacy. Cons: More costly than other systems; limited soundproofing even with double glazing; cannot be heat insulated.

Composite Panelling – Pros: easy to install; demountable and re-locatable; faster build; can be supplied pre decorated and fitted with doors and windows. Cons: most of the systems have a sandwich construction which does not allow for internal insulation to be fitted; flush mounted services such as power points etc. have to be surface mounted with trunking visible instead of concealed within the walls.

Steel Stud and Plasterboard – Pros: can have insulation material installed; can be double boarded or faced with soundbloc boards; can have a flush finish and cabling can be concealed in the walls. Cons: longer installation time; dust generated in sanding down joints between panels.

Steel Partitioning – Pros: ideal for factory floors, assembly areas, clean rooms; can have single or double glazed windows fitted; can be fitted with roofs; more resilient to knocks and scrapes; can be double skinned and insulated to reduce sound transfer from noisy production areas on the shop floor; faster build as panels are modular and pre-decorated. Cons: Not a lot really. In fact, whilst the materials can be more expensive than plasterboard, this is often offset by reduced labour time on site.

Composite and Plasterboard systems can be simply painted with emulsion or coated with vinyl paper from a huge range of designs and colourways. DMA has hundreds of options for you to choose from.

Steel Partitioning is available powder coated in white, light grey, dark grey or sandstone. Other RAL colours are also available.