Two-tier Mezzanine Floor, Kent

Following a number of site visits and discussions to understand the client’s requirements, DMA was awarded the contract by Custodian Data Centres to supply and install a two-tier mezzanine floor to house their new infrastructure of servers. The design involved steel supports for a number of apertures within the floor space to allow for a cooling system to be installed once the floor was constructed. The site was previously used as a TV studio and had sufficient headroom to install a two-tier mezzanine comprising of 186m² per level, thus allowing maximum utilization of the available footprint. Due to the high point loads being transferred through the supporting columns of the mezzanine structure, the floor slab was piled in the areas under the columns. The clients’ own contractors stripped out the studio and constructed new access points. Once this was completed, the floor was piled in the specified areas and the area was ready for the installation of the mezzanine floor. The structure was completed within a week and handed over to Custodian for their contractors to install the new servers and cooling systems.
Custodian Data Centres

In choosing a supplier for our latest build project, DMA did not disappoint. Custodian Data Centres has invested extensively in new infrastructure, creating new data floors and suites to expand its colocation offerings, and needed a company that would provide materials in an efficient and cost-effective manner, with the ability to meet our strict schedule. DMA demonstrated a wealth of expertise, and was particularly helpful in ensuring that costs did not exceed the pricing structure that had been put in place. Requests for additional materials and quotes were dealt with promptly and helpfully, providing Custodian with a professional and stress-free experience. Custodian Data Centres wouldn’t hesitate to recommend DMA to any business requiring work of this kind

Sarah-Jane Adams, Marketing & PR Executive

Custodian Data Centres, Maidstone, Kent

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