Mezzanine Floor, Partitioning, Goods Lift & Pallet Racking, Sony Europe

Following a rigorous tender process, Sony Professional Solutions Europe awarded DMA the contract to build a two-tier mezzanine floor at their Basingstoke warehouse. With the floor area measuring 600 m2, the construction of a two-tier mezzanine floor provides an additional 1200m2 of storage space and 600 m2 of office and workshop space, effectively tripling the floor area. The programme of works are designed to provide additional storage, workshop and office space for Hawk-Eye Innovations, one of the world’s best-known sports technology providers acquired by Sony.

DMA started the project by dismantling the existing pallet racking and setting them aside for re-use. The area designated for the construction of the mezzanine floor was fully occupied with equipment and materials. It was a challenging task for DMA to create a programme of works without disrupting the day-to-day operations of Hawk-Eye. However, DMA rose to the challenge, and working closely with the client, delivered the project on time.

To co-ordinate the whole programme of works, DMA assigned a full-time on-site project manager for the duration of the project. Weekly project meetings were held to ensure that the project schedule was adhered to and that works were carried out with the minimum of inconvenience to the customer.

As part of the project, two goods lift were also installed. A pit was constructed to level the access to the lifts at ground level to allow mobile flight cases to be loaded and offloaded easily. The cutting out of the pit was carried out over a weekend so as not to disrupt operations. The pit was then reinforced and formed to a structural engineer’s specifications. Once cured, the goods lifts were installed and commissioned.

DMA then set about installing the first fix electrics, lighting and air conditioning, whilst working closely with Sony’s fire alarm contractors. The entire mezzanine’s structural steel work was then enclosed with one-hour fire-rated suspended ceilings on both floors.

In addition, DMA also installed partitioning walls on the ground floor to form new workshop and office areas. The floor areas were finished with vinyl plank flooring.

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