Mezzanine Floor, Interfoam

DMA was appointed by Interfoam Ltd to construct a 300m² mezzanine floor to increase their storage space of seat pads.

The racking that was occupying the ground floor area was dismantled and re-configured on the first floor once the mezzanine floor was constructed. This then released the area below the mezzanine for storage of fast-moving products.

The mezzanine floor was designed to have 3.6m clearance to the underside with an overall thickness of 292mm. Two Part K staircases with mid-landings were built, along with a handrail and kickplate to the perimeter edge along with a “up & over” pallet safety gate with chequer plate wear pad.

The customer provided floor slab details so that DMA’s structural engineer could calculate the maximum column spans to suit the customer’s needs, whilst keeping the base plate size to a minimum.

DMA worked closely with the Building Inspectors throughout the process to obtain Building Regulation approval. The project was finished on time and to the complete satisfaction of the customer.