Steel partitioning

Steel mesh partitioning

A highly adaptable modular panel system, DMA steel mesh partitioning is easy to assemble on-site, ensuring optimised storage areas.

Ideal for sub-dividing storage areas, creating secure areas for valuable goods and isolating hazards. From bonded storage to segregating electrical controls… high-value goods or hazards remain in clear view but are kept secure.


Single-skin steel partitioning

Single skin Heavy duty yet economic, DMA single-skin steel partitioning delivers superb strength. The modular demountable design gives this system the flexibility to suit a wide range of applications and keep pace with dynamic workspaces.

The robust frame creates a secure perimeter around almost any enclosure, preventing intrusion and keeping contents safe. Perfect for warehouse and factory environments requiring secure areas.


Double-skin steel partitioning

Quality office orDouble Skin factory partitioning that combines strength with aesthetics to create work spaces that are pleasant and durable. Being modular, DMA double-skin steel partitioning has the versatility to meet most demands.

Options include panels fully fire-rated (to BS 476: Part 22:1987) and panels with noise reduction capabilities.



Machine guarding

To protect operaMachine guardingtors and persons unfamiliar with machinery, machine guards can be positioned around machines that have processes which could injure people.

These can be electrically interlocked so that opening gates or access panels automatically switches off the machinery. Guards can also be used to enclose critical electrical supplies from unauthorised access whilst leaving then visible.




High-quality modular steel partitioning

The versatility of DMA steel storage partitioning meets a wide range of applications.

Whether it’s creating a single enclosure or segregating walkways; whether for increased safety, security, fire protection or noise reduction, DMA can provide the solution.