Mobile shelving

office-mobile-shelvingIdeal for creating high density storage of records and documents in expensive office accommodation or space saving for small parts with a low frequency pick and putaway profile in warehouses or on mezzanine floors.The capacity is maximised by using standard shelving on mobile bases which then only require one access aisle. Rows of shelving can easily be moved by handwheels or by electric motors.

The option of graphic end panels in any design can make mobile shelving a striking addition to your workspace.

Long-span shelving

long-span-shelvingSuited to over-sized items that are to be picked and loaded by hand. Decking options include chipboard for dry goods, steel panels for liquids or steel mesh for ventilation/ meeting sprinkler-penetration insurance requirements. Varying loads and a wide range of dimensions are catered for.

Numerous systems are available in the marketplace and DMA can advise which system best suits your requirements.

Wide-span shelving

wide-span-shelvingFor heavy-duty, low-level and accessible storage where pallet racking is inappropriate or impractical.

With all the attributes of long-span shelving, reconfiguring to meet changing requirements is easy.


pigeon-hole-shelvingThese systems meet the requirement for simple storage and picking. Rugged design and construction suit industrial applications. Testament to their durability, at DMA we modify or replace parts that have been in continuous use for decades by our customers.

A rolled-edge variant, with its softer edges, is ideal for office storage (box files, documents etc.) and for items such as flat-packed clothing.

Chrome wire shelving

chrome-wire-shelvingThe bright and clean stylish nickel chrome finish is great for office, retail and showroom applications and offers excellent light distribution. Also well-suited to applications where hygiene is important — from dry foods to crockery. Assembly is easy and shelf loads of up to 300kg are achievable.

Castors can be added to convert racks into mobile units.

Small parts storage

small-parts-storageA variety of container sizes and colours are available to suit various component sizes and can be located in permanent racks, mobile displays etc alongside assembly or repair workstations.

Plastic shelving

plastic-shelvingContaining no steel parts, these shelves are perfect for storing foodstuffs, for walk-in chillers/ freezers and where non-magnetic requirements exist.






Innovative and flexible shelving for any application and budget

Goods, materials or documents… DMA shelving systems are ideal if you’re looking for intelligently-designed storage that makes optimal use of space and increases accessibility.