Pallet racking accessories

Timber decking panels

timber-panelsTimber Decking Panels are ideal for use in situations where goods arrive on poor quality or irregular sized pallets. They prevent goods from slipping through the beams if a pallet batten were to break and can be provided to meet varying weight requirements.

Options include open/close-board panels and rough-sawn or planed. The drop-in design means DMA decking panels are easily retrofitted.

Upright protectors

upright-protectorsDMA upright protectors simply click into place on your racking and can reduce damage by as much as 80%. Manufactured from ballistics-grade polymer, these protectors are as tough as they come and operate in temperatures down to -40°C.

Fully-recyclable and non-toxic, our upright protectors are available in a range of hi-vis colours for enhanced safety and are compatable with a wide range of racking systems.

Anti-collapse mesh


Anti-collapse Mesh panels are normally attached to the rear of rows of Pallet Racking that are adjacent to pedestrian walkways or up against partitioning offices etc and are to prevent items falling off the back of racks onto personnel or through lightweight office roofs.

Stand off brackets are connected to the back of the racking frames which allow an overhang of pallets without the stock touching the mesh in normal operations.

Pallet racking labels

Modern warehouse and stock management depends on clear and precise identification that is readily understood. Alpha Numeric and barcoded location labels can be provided to suit various warehouse management scanning systems. Choice of material is an important factor  to ensure durability and continued long-term operation. DMA racking labels are available in a full range of materials from vinyl to magentic, including specialist cold store labels. Robust Aisle and Bay markers can be supplied for Rack End

Load Notices – Load Notices advising Fork Lift Drivers and other users are now an everyday requirement in Pallet Racking Installations and are now expected to be in position. DMA can provide the correctly worded advisory signage to suit all types of Racking.

Guide Rails

Guide Rails are generally used in conjunction with narrow aisle Fork Lift Trucks to position then centrally whilst working in racking aisles. DMA will supply and install these in conjunction with your Fork Lift Supplier to ensure the correct dimensions are maintained.

Other accessories for adjustable pallet racking

Our wide range of accessories for customising your racking also includes:

  • Pallet support bars and fork spacers
  • Coil cradles and drum stops
  • Pallet skid channels